Affordable Dry Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

Dry Carpet CleaningLooking for that new freshly cleaned carpet feeling? Our dry carpet cleaning in Melbourne is a great alternative to the steam method and can offer amazing results when done properly. Many customers prefer this method of floor covering maintenance as it is practically ready to walk on straight away due the small amount of water that is used. While very little water is used, the end result can be very comparable to steam methods. It is often a good idea to choose steam in the summer months and dry carpet cleaning in winter. The main reason for this is it takes longer for the floor coverings to dry in the cooler weather. No matter how often you require our services or how large the area is, our team is happy to cater to your needs and offer an affordable service.

The Process

The process includes first using our specialised vacuum to pick up any loose dirt and dust.

Then, a water based cleaning solution pre-spray is then applied.

Attention is then paid to spots and stains.

The next step is to start the bonnet cleaning process using the scrubber machine.

As a last step, the carpeting is raked to reset the pile.

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