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Here at Mr Neate, our rug cleaning services are quite similar to our carpet maintenance processes and ensure quality results with minimal fuss. The first step is an inspection. The technician will give you an estimation of what can be done in terms of removing stains and the type of equipment that can be used. While the majority of marks can be removed during a clean, if the fibre has been damaged or the colour has been removed, this won’t help.

We then test for colour fastness. It is important that we ensure that the colour will not bleed while we are working on it. This is done by testing a small area with the product we will be using. We then remove all dust or larger particles with a thorough vacuum. This may seem to be a small thing but it is so important and has become an industry standard.

After this, we go through the cleaning process, which will vary depending on the method used. We offer both methods for your rug (dry cleaning and steam). As part of the inspection step, the technician may recommend one or the other depending on the condition of the carpet and other factors. For the most part, steam cleaning of your rugs is recommended.

For your convenience, we always clean your rugs at your property.

Would you like to restore the look of your mats with steam or dry rug cleaning? Melbourne residents can make just one call to Mr Neate for affordable prices and expert services. Speak to us today by calling 1300 778 104.

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