Steam Carpet Cleaning for Melbourne Residents

carpet steam Cleaning

High pressure solution sent into the carpet then removed

Are your floors looking a little worse for wear? Our team provides carpet steam cleaning throughout the Melbourne metropolitan area. Carpet Steam Cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, is one of the more common methods of cleaning floor coverings. It is done by using professional equipment that sprays a heated solution directly into the carpet at a high pressure and then immediately vacuuming it up with the dirt.

Things which influence the result are:

  • The skill of the technician
  • Pre-spraying a cleaning solution before using the high-pressure solution and extraction
  • Temperature of the solution
  • Pressure used in spraying the solution
  • Power of the extraction vacuums

The steam carpet cleaning process used is as follows:

The first step is an inspection of the carpeting by the technician who will give you an estimation of what can be done.

Then the whole space is vacuumed to remove any loose soils and to make the process easier.

A pre-spray is then applied to the floor covering. This is prior to the high pressure “steam” application. If needed, an agitation step is then done.

Next step is to use the high-pressure application of a solution, which is then directly removed by the high-power vacuuming. This is the step that removes the dirt and puts it into the tank of our machine.

As the last step, the carpet pile is reset with a special rake.

Maintain your floors and ensure they remain in pristine condition with professional services offered by our team. If you are interested in steam carpet cleaning for your Melbourne home, please contact us on 1300 778 104.

If you are getting your carpet cleaned because you are moving out of the property and the power has already been turned off, we can use a generator to get the carpet cleaning done. Just let us know when making the booking.

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