Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to carpet cleaning Melbourne relays on Mr Neate Cleaning to do the best possible job.

Our carpet cleaning service not only leaves your carpet looking good but also leaves it healthier by removing allergens, bacteria and even viruses, leaving you home healthier.

Our professional technicians are trained in getting the best possible results in cleaning carpets. They use proven tired and proven methods which removes stains and dirt without damaging your carpet. This way, we can remove stains that others struggle with.

Your carpet is an investment so it is worth looking after it with regular maintenance that is going to lengthen its life while keeping it looking great.

As our past clients can testify, we always do a great job on carpets while still being affordable.

We service the whole of Melbourne. You will be visited by a carpet cleaner who services your area, so you will be visited by a local carpet cleaner. This way you will have someone who knows your area and works mostly near you – a local carpet cleaner.

There is nothing like having carpet washed sho it feels good being in your home again.

We do both carpet steam cleaning as well as dry carpet cleaning so we can recommend which is best for your specific situation.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning is the most common form of cleaning. This is because it is simply more thorough of a clean and if done right, gets the most dirt out.

The more technical term for it is hot water extraction because hot water is used instead of steam. Steam can even set stains making it more difficult to remove.

The only drawback in getting steam cleaning done is that it does take a little longer to dry. If you have had carpet cleaning done before and it took days to dry, it was not done right. With the methods we use, it does not require a lot of moisture (relatively speaking) and so does not take that long to dry.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is almost a hidden gem because not all carpet cleaners do it and there are some circumstances where it is best to do dry cleaning over steam cleaning. These circumstances include:

  • The carpet needs to be used right away
  • The carpet is not heavenly soiled and only needs a light clean
  • As a freshener between getting steam cleans done
  • Dry cleaning can be quicker to so because there is less set up to do as part of the cleaning process

Steam or Dry – Your carpets are safe with us

It not only our trained technicians but also that they have had lots of experience in cleaning carpets over the years that have given us an advantage in being able to service Melbourne successfully since the start of 2013.

Just have a look at what our customers have thought of us in kindly leaving reviews on Google.

Please give us a call on 1300 778 104 or 03 9068 5397. You can also send us a message using the form on most pages of our site. If you want your carpets cleaned right, get us to do it.