Best Ways to Get a Clean Rug at Home


Best Ways to Get a Clean Rug at Home

Clean Rug at Home

Rugs can add the perfect touch or accessory to a room to turn it into a home. Once you’ve found the perfect rug for your room or rooms, now how do you clean your rug at home to maintain its quality to help it last for many years? Also, how to clean it if there is an accidental spill or a mess created by your precious pup!

1. Shake it off

First of all, give it a good shake – the oldest rug cleaning method around. This helps to loosen dirt and dust that may have been accumulating for a while. Go outside to do this and give it a good hardy shake by holding the top two corners. If the rug is too big for this, fasten it to a clothesline or a fence and beat it with a stick and you will see the dust and dirt go flying. Remember to stand back so that you don’t breath in a mouthful of dirt! Leave it out for a bit so that it can soak up some sun, which can actually help kill bacteria and mites. This is especially important for shag rugs

2. Suck it up

This one sounds pretty obvious but it is often neglected – vacuuming the rug itself to pull out any extra dirt and bacteria. Some people overlook this but it is still an important part of the process. If your rug is in a high traffic area, you’ll want to vacuum the rug more frequently –  at least once a week. Not vacuuming often leaves dirt that can be abrasive, increasing wear. Extra-long fibres of the pile of rug can get caught in the vacuum cleaner and damage your rug so be sure to adjust your vacuum cleaners settings to avoid this.

3. Spot clean

When small spills and accidents occur, spot cleaning your rug is an effective way to clean your rug without having to clean the entire thing. The key is to respond quickly enough to soak up spills as soon as they have happened to avoid further damage to the fibres. It’s a good idea to have a supply of a mild detergent and rags readily available. After the accident has occurred, spray the area with the carpet cleaning solution and blot it soaking up as much of it as you can with a clean dry cloth. Work from the outside edges towards the centre of the area.

4. Professionally clean

The safest and most effective way to clean your rug at home is to get it cleaned by a professional rug cleaning company who really knows what they are doing and are experienced in handling all types of rug materials. Some materials may need extra care other than what can be provided by doing it yourself. Always check the label of the rug to see if professional steam or dry cleaning is recommended. Let us know which is recommended when making the booking. Also, making sure you have a reputable company who is an expert at handling these materials is very important as some technicians have not been professionally trained on how to do it very well and will actually ruin a rug.

For more information about our rug cleaning service, have a look at our rug cleaning page. Also, have a look at our carpet cleaning page for more information out that service.

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