End of Lease Carpet Cleaning

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End of Lease Carpet Cleaning

In most cases, when moving out of a rental property, it is required that end of lease carpet cleaning is done by a professional carpet cleaning company as part of the rental agreement.

So, for the most part, if you want to get your bond back, you have to get the carpets cleaned when vacating the property.

These rental agreements often require that steam cleaning is done and not dry carpet cleaning. Others don’t say one way or another. We find that doing steam carpet cleaning does a better job, especially if the soiled (both stains and general grime).

Another thing to keep in mind is power is needed to do the carpet cleaning. For this reason, make sure that the electricity is not disconnected until after the carpet cleaning has been done. If you have gotten the power turned off without the carpets being cleaned, we are able to bring a generator to get the carpet cleaning done.

Because not all of our carpet cleaners carry a generator, please let us know that power is needed when making the booking so we have a generator when we arrive. Please note that if a generator is being used, there needs to be an open space outside for the generator to run.

Because a lot of our carpet cleaning is done in properties where tenants need the carpets cleaned as part of moving out, we really know what we are doing.

Like all of our work, the carpet cleaning of vacant properties is fully guaranteed.

We service the whole the Melbourne metropolitan area and the Mornington Peninsula – have a look at our service area page.

You can also have a look at examples of our work – we have a page showing examples of our work.

For more information about our end of lease carpet cleaning service or to book a time for us to come out and clean your carpets, please call 1300 778 104 or 03 9380 7785. You can also use the form on this page.