Carpet Cleaning Glen Iris

carpet cleaning glen iris

Need carpet cleaning done Glen Iris done by real experts?

Below are some examples of carpet cleaning in the Melbourne suburb of Glen Iris (3146).

All our technicians are trained and certified with international accreditation, ensuring that the best possible job will be done on your carpets. Because of this, we can handle the cleaning of carpets of any age.

The cleaning process starts with a thorough vacuuming to remove loose soils. Spot pre-cleaning may be necessary, followed by pre-spraying the cleaning chemicals onto the carpet. Both steam cleaning and dry carpet cleaning involve taking this step. Some carpet cleaners use detergents in the water sprayed during the steam cleaning process. We avoid doing this because it doesn’t remove all the detergent, which can leave a sticky residue. With Dry Cleaning, we have found that this method is not as effective, as steam cleaning provides a deeper clean compared to dry cleaning. When you need a light clean and quick drying time, dry cleaning is more suitable.

There is no difference in cost between dry cleaning and steam cleaning. You can choose the method you prefer, though we often recommend steam cleaning, as it is a more thorough cleaning process, often recommended by carpet manufacturers. For more information about the differences between dry and steam carpet cleaning, you can refer to the article titled “Dry vs Steam Carpet Cleaning.”

In some cases, people have said that steam cleaning took a long time to dry in the past. Other carpet cleaners cause this issue when they use excessive water, usually due to insufficient training or lack of experience.

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