Carpet Cleaning Glen Iris

Need an expert carpet cleaner to clean your carpets in Glen Iris?

Below are some examples of carpet cleaning in the Melbourne suburb of Glen Iris (3146).

All our technicians are are training and certified with international accreditation, ensuring that the best possible job will be done on your carpets. Because of this, we can handle the cleaning of carpets of any age.

The cleaning process starts starts with the removal of loose soils through a thorough vacuuming. Once this has been done, some spot pre-cleaning may be required. The next step is it to pre-spray the cleaning chemicals onto the carpet – this is done for both steam cleaning as well as dry carpet cleaning. Some carpet cleaners use detergents in the water used in the sprayed in the steam cleaning process but we have found that the result is not quite as good because it takes some time for the tergent to work and it leaves a film of sticky residue on the carpet once done.

There is no difference in cost between dry cleaning and steam cleaning. You can decide which you would like but we often recommend steam cleaning because the carpet manufacturers often recommend this form of cleaning and it is somewhat more thorough. If you would like to see more information about the differences between dry and steam carpet cleaning, see the article: Dry vs Steam Carpet Cleaning.

We have sometimes been told that when they have had steam cleaning in the past, it has taken a long time to dry. This only happens when too much water is used and often happens when those doing the cleaning have not been trained or have little experience.

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