How To Remove Odour From Upholstery


How To Remove Odour From Upholstery

How To Remove Odours From Upholstery

Below is an enquiry I received regarding how to remove odours from upholstery. I thought that others may find this useful so have included it here. Every situation is slightly diferent so give us a call and we will be able to let you know if we can help. My response is below the enquiry:

Just enquiring as to the what you would recommend to rid a fabric 3-seater couch from years of pet smell.

I am not too worried about reviving the colour of the fabric,  just the odour if possible. My own attempts have been unsuccessful.

If you could please email me with a quote/recommendation that would be great

Thanks for the enquiry,

Generally speaking, steam cleaning the fabric will go a long way in removing odour. If, however, if urine has penetrated into the cushions, further actions would need to be taken to neutralise it.

Urine becomes an alkaline crystal when drying and if there is a large amount of it, it will have to be neutralised before the steam cleaning is done. This neutralising will have to be done in a two steps – application of this agent and then letting it work while it dries and then coming back to do the steam cleaning another day. If this is not done where there is a lot of urine, any smell would often come back.

We would also have to check to make sure that foam seat cushions have not been penetrated by the urine etc. but this is very seldom the case.

Have a look at our upholstery cleaning service page for more information on upholstery cleaning. We also have examples of work we have with pictures which can be found here.