How We Remove Stains From Mattress


How We Remove Stains From Mattress

remove stains from mattress

One of primary services is mattress cleaning. This is a brief description of how we remove stains from mattress and our cleaning process.

People can pride themselves in having a clean and healthy home but because a mattress is not often seen, it can be neglected. With time, most mattresses develop marks that can make anyone cringe. The stains that you can see are not the worst of it even though it can look horrible. There are also unseen nightmares that could be lurking in your mattress that make cleaning a good thing to do to keep your home healthy. These things include dead skin that can attract dust mites. Even dust can be an irritant especially if you are sensitive to it. Your mattress making you ill is not a good thought.

Because of these reasons and because it is just nice to have a stain free mattress, we have an exact procedure for cleaning mattresses.

Mattress Cleaning Steps

  1. Vacuuming. This is an important step to remove as much loose particles as possible. This can be skin particles, dust and bits of fluff.
  2. Specialist Stain Removal. Some of the stains found on mattresses cannot be cleaned using a detergent and needs more. These discolorations and stains can be removed using a special process. This process is often done before our cleaning equipment is fully set up be it takes time.
  3. Detergent Application. Once most of the discolouration has been removed, general dirt is then tackled by applying a detergent. The detergent we use has been chosen because of its a good emulsifier enabling us to remove oils from skin as well as other dirt.
  4. Agitation. We then use agitation to loosen dirt and oils and bring them into solution with the detergent already applied. This makes the next step a lot easier.
  5. Hot water extraction. We then steam clean the mattress to lift dirt as well as detergent applied before. The detergent we use has low toxicity, but it is better not to leave it there.

That is our cleaning process to remove stains from mattress.

It leaves the mattress damp which normally cleans in a few hours, but the drying time varies depending how much moisture we needed to apply during the cleaning process, weather etc.