Leather Cleaning Service

Leather CleaningWe provide a premium leather cleaning service. This cleaning service rejuvenated your leather upholster, be it a couch, armchair or even an ottoman.

Regular care with leather furniture cleaning, you will be able you enjoy your furniture for many years.

Why Use a Professional Leather Couch Cleaner

Leather upholstery is valuable and worth maintaining their value. Leather needs nourishment annually when used on a regular basis. Cleaning and protecting it from cracking, dirt impregnation and the fading or loss of colour.

Don’t worry about trying to find the right cleaning product or how do the cleaning – we have been able to find the best professional cleaning product and have become expert in getting the best possible results.

Our Process in cleaning Leather Upholstery

The cleaning process includes not only just the cleaning of the leather hide, but also conditioning it to prolong its life and retard re-soiling, keeping it looking good for longer.

It is important to include using a conditioner as part of the cleaning process so that the leather does not dry out and crack after our cleaning is done.

All our technicians who clean leather are trained and have extensive experience to get the best possible results while cleaning your leather.

We can quite often clean ink from leather sofas and chairs, especially brio pen marks – even from white leather.

Our leather cleaning process is the same for newer as well as old leather which we find is the best way to clean leather furniture.

We provide our leather cleaning service across the Melbourne metro area and the Mornington Peninsula.

Where does the dirt come from?

In short, dirt is something that comes with the use of furniture in your home. You will notice the grime build with time.

The following cause dirty leather and can shorten its life if not regularly cleaned.

  • Body oils. When skin comes into contact with leather, oils from the skin transfer to the leather and builds up with time. This diminishes the great look of the leather
  • Dirt from using the upholstery. This could be dirt brought into the home from outside on clothing or your pet. Eating or doing other activities while on your couch or armchair can also leave dirt. There is always a risk of food landing on your leather sofa when eating on it
  • Atmospheric Pollutants. This includes particles and oils from cooking, smoking, fragrances (especially scented candles) and pollution that comes into the home from outside
  • Inks and Dyes. This is normally from accidentally marking the leather with a pen. Very occasionally dyes from denim can transfer to leather. Clothing dying methods have improved over the years making this less and less common

How often Should Leather upholstery be professionally cleaned

On average, Leather upholstery should be cleaned once a year but there are some factors which affect the optimum frequency of cleans. Where it receives heavy use or it is located where there is direct sunlight it would need to be cleaned more often.

Even if the leather furniture is seldom used, it can dry out so worth cleaning from time to time. If you notice that dirt is stating to build, do not delay and give us a call to book a time for us to come out and clean your leather couch or sofa.

We are often asked how to clean a while leather lounge suite more than any other colour. This is probably because dirt and marks show up more. The good thing about this is because the white or cream leather shows more dirt and so gets cleaned more often making it less likely to dry out and crack.

Leather couch cleaning can uplift your whole living environment.

We also provide a fabric upholstery cleaning service.