Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning

Professional mattress cleaning service in Melbourne. When you look at your mattress, what comes to mind? Do you cringe and think it time to get those mattress stains fixed? Well that is what we do.

Keep in mind that you use your mattress for many hours just about every day, leaving dead skin, and oils secreted by your skin.

Is it time that you get your mattress cleaned? Call us on 03 9380 7785 or sending us a message using the forms on most pages of our site or even the site chat.

How We Clean Mattresses

  1. As a first step, your mattress is thoroughly vacuumed. This not only removes dust, hair and skin but also the dreaded dust mite.
  2. The mattress cleaner then inspects the mattress and applies the appropriate detergent or solvents to remove stains.
  3. The mattress is then cleaned using hot water extraction equipment
  4. The mattress cleaner will then give you an estimation of the drying time as well as giving any advice about future maintenance.

The hot water extraction cleaning process we use is often called steam cleaning on the mattress. This is a bit of a misnomer because there is little steam in the cleaning process.

Our mattress cleaners have had many years of experience in cleaning mattresses as well as our other cleaning services.

Mattress Cleaning For Health

Dust mites, which live on your dead skin. With the life cycle of dust mites, each stage (from the egg, the larvae stage, then two nymphal stages, and finally the adult) can cause allergies including skin issues. Also, keep in mind that these mites live for about two months as adults its faeces that its secretions can cause health issues.

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