Carpet vs Floorboards – Reasons To Love Carpet Coverings


Carpet vs Floorboards – Reasons To Love Carpet Coverings

Carpet vs floorboards

How do you put a price on warmth and comfort? Carpet is a simple textile intangible in life. From time to time, we are asked about our opintion when looking at carpet vs floorboards.

Home experts would agree that carpet coverings give good value to any floor covering and it provides plenty of intangible value. This is why, it is very easy to see many homeowners choose carpet coverings for their home. With a wide selection of color, style and texture you will definitely find carpet that can work perfectly with your taste and lifestyle.

Carpets are easy on your feet but might not on your pocket. Truth is, it may really cost you to own one however when the many benefits of carpet are considered you will come to realize that would be an ideal investment you would like to have. Rugs are easy and quick to install. They only need a considerable scope of effort and fashionable creativity to use for flooring surfaces or wall-to-wall designs. When the right quality of rug is chosen, it has excellent wear property will be able to serve you for many more years to come. So, why would you like to consider carpet covering again despite the price?

Versatility and Aesthetics

Carpets come in a wide range of colors and patterns from traditional to contemporary. Surely, there is something for everyone! These simple rugs could also become your neutral foundation and can serve as the background of your overall interior decoration. Home experts can choose different scheme of colors and textures they want to add into any space which provide casualness or simplicity. Rugs with heavy textures and vibrant colors are often used as decorating statements. They provide a sense of luxury to just any space!


Rugs can help the whole family by providing safety protection. Bruised knees are some reasons many families are ditching hard and tile flooring in favor softness. Carpets have amazing cushioning properties on our footsteps which reduce slips and minimize injuries in the event of fall. They are not only ideal for toddlers who need protection but they are also great partners to seniors. Rugs create a non-slick surface for walking which protect common accidents and maintain balance of individuals. They can also significantly minimize leg fatigue which is associated with standing and walking on hard surfaces. More so, recent studies on carpeting suggest that the color of textiles has psychological, soothing effects to individuals. This is especially important to people with Alzheimer’s.

Noise Reduction and Insulation

Modern sound systems such as speakerphones and TVs can make our houses noisy places. Oftentimes, such noise will bring trouble not just in between rooms but to the neighbors. Good quality carpeting will help absorbing sound vibrations and reducing any sound transmission to rooms. They work perfectly as sound barriers between floors. Homeowners usually make an extra effort to attach and create separate cushion of carpeting in order to minimize sound indoors and control noise. On the other hand, insulation is the most obvious reason to love carpet coverings. They hold warmth and can insulate the space against extreme heat and cold. More so, as gas and energy costs continue to rise these days, having rugs throughout your space may significantly lower your energy bill.

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Simple Maintenance

Easy maintenance is one of the top benefits enjoy by many homeowners especially when they have pets at home. No matter how they clean and sweep their floors, it is easy to notice fluff rolling around and tumbleweeds on the surface. All these things can easily be removed with a routine vacuum cleaning. In addition, most stains and unwanted smells are easy to remove and treat immediately with the help of carpet cleaning Melbourne.

So, there you go, when looking at carpet vs floorboards, these a number reasons to either get carpet or keep it.