Shag Rug Cleaning

Our shag rug cleaning service involves us coming our to your home to clean your rug.

We use the steam carpet cleaning method when cleaning shag rugs. We have found this is the best way of cleaning rugs when the rugs are cleaned onsite.

Because of the long pile of shag rugs, little particles can go deep down into the pile so between steam cleans, it is always a good idea to give the rug a good shake in addition to vacuuming to get those little particles out.

Just a warning if you have pets – if there is urine on the rugs, it can a lot of work and treatment to fully remove the urine and sometimes and even with special treatment, it may be impossible to fully remove all the smell caused by urine.

If you it has been a while since you have had your shag rug cleaning done, now is a good time to get it done giving you the peace of mind that it is healthy for you or your kids to sit on it.

To book a time for us to come out and clean your rug or if you have any questions, call us on  03 9380 7785 or use the contact the forms on our site.

More information can be found on our Rug Cleaning Service page.

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