Tile & Grout Cleaning

Melbourne Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout cleaning can bring the best out of your tiles

Tile and Grout Cleaning makes your tiled areas in your home stand out. To have this, use our effective tile and grout cleaning service. Mr Neate cleaning is equipped with the right tools to get a fine result in the cleaning of your tiled floors.

With time, grime builds up on your tiles and grout that cannot be removed with traditional methods. Over time, when cleaning your tiles, the grout becomes discoloured. When this happens, it time to call us in to bring the tiles and especially the grout back to their former glory. You will often see the grout of your tiles floors at the edges are close to the original colour. Our cleaning brings the grout back to how it was and makes the grout lines even in colour. 

Our tile and grout cleaning system includes the use of high pressure water; a strong rotary action and a powerful extraction system along with our cleaning solutions to leave you’re your tiles in the best possible condition.

An alternative to having us come and clean your tile and grout is getting down and knees and scrubbing with a small brush. This takes many hours to do probably and is not fun at all! Despite this, we do come across people who do this. Why put yourself through the pain? Just call us and sit back and relax while it gets done for you.

This Mr Neate cleaning system revives your tiled services and we are becoming famous for being able to bring out the best in your tiled areas.

The video below gives you an indication of how the cleaning process works.

We service the whole of the Melbourne Metro area. An exact list the suburbs we service, have a look at the Mr Neate Service Area page.