What causes carpet stains to reappear?


What causes carpet stains to reappear?

Stain RemovalSo, what causes carpet stains to reappear after you went to the effort to het it cleaning and it was removed?

One day, when you get home, you find a stain on your carpet which you have never seen before. You can’t really figure out what could have caused it. You take a closer look, perhaps touch it or even smell it. You ask everyone in the home and the mark seems to have gotten there by itself.

As the person who has the job of keeping your home in ship shape, you handle most spillages and mess without hassle but what do you do with this?

Well, the key is to get onto right away. If the make is still moist, you’re in luck – its easier to handle if has not had long to dwell.

Start by blotting up any excess liquid or if there are any solids, scrape this up. You can use toweling, cloths or even sponges.

You will then need some detergent solution. apply to the mark then rinse it off with warm water. Then blot the area dry. If the mark is still visible, repeat the process.

It is important to rinse the detergent out of the carpet because if there is any left, a sticky film will be left on the carpet to which dust and other dirt will stick to it.

When done, a handy trick is to place a clean white towel or cloth over the area just cleaned and leave it there with a weight on it overnight. This will allow any of the stain that you missed to wick into the cloth, away from the carpet.

This should most of the time but sometimes you may need a professional carpet cleaner to handle the situation.

Having an idea of what causes carpet stains to reappear can take the mystery out of what is happening. Hope this helps.

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