What Kind of Carpet Cleaning Equipment is Used By Us?


What Kind of Carpet Cleaning Equipment is Used By Us?

Mr Neate Carpet CleaningEver wondered what kind of equipment is actually used by professional carpet cleaners?

There are two basic types of carpet cleaning equipment – portable and truck mounted cleaning equipment. At Mr. Neate cleaning we use both, and which is used is determined by your unique residence and what the technician is equipped with.

A truck mounted system is where the equipment is attached to the truck and hoses are brought into the home. Due to being a bit more powerful and capable of greater suction of water during the cleaning process, truck mounted systems tend to do a bit more of a thorough job and have a slightly quicker drying time.

Portable systems have the advantage of being able to access hard to reach areas like high-rise apartments, and are taken directly into the home. However, they also hold less wastewater and require more frequent water changes than truck mounted systems which may add to the production time of the carpet cleaning job being done but some portable carpet cleaning machines automatically take in clean water and discharge the wastewater.

So, which carpet cleaning equipment is best?

Either way, in most cases which type of carpet cleaning equipment is used generally does not affect the convenience of the resident so much as the carpet cleaner.

It has been said by industry professionals and customers alike however that no matter what equipment is used, the most important thing which determines good quality carpet cleaning is the person who actually does the job and the amount of experience and training that the person has had. Be sure to keep this in mind when considering who to choose for your carpet cleaning services.

At Mr. Neate Cleaning, our professional carpet cleaning technicians are trained, experienced, and our work is guaranteed. Check out some of our reviews here from our happy customers. Our work speaks for itself.

If you have questions regarding different types of carpet cleaning equipment or processes, feel free to give us a call and chat with one of our friendly customer service representatives – we would love to hear from you!